Commercial Catch Basin Repair

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Manhole and catch basin repairs

Catch basins exist to collect rain water and direct it into ponds, lakes, and streams. It is crucial to keep basins clean and clear to help protect the freshwater supply. A faulty system can cause backup and flooding, and turn a building’s parking lot into a swimming pool. Proper manhole upkeep also helps eliminate blockage and other hazards. Regular inspections are recommended to avoid cost overages or extra construction needs than originally scoped. Call on Precision Utilities to be your on-the-job partner and keep the work and water flowing.

Consider the Parking Lot

One of the most important elements that determine the performance of a parking lot is how the water is controlled. This happens in two ways. It can runoff the edge of the asphalt into a ditch and/or grass, or the water can be directed towards a catch basin.

Sinkholes and Failure

A clear sign that a catch basin is failing is the emergence of a sinkhole near the storm grate. This happens when there is a crack or hole in the side of the catch basin. Water below the pavement surface finds its way through that opening. The water that rushes through that opening “washes away” the stone near the catch basin creating an area where the stone is eroded below the pavement surface. Eventually, this creates a very dangerous sinkhole! Sinkholes can be considered an emergency liability and should be repaired as soon as they can.

Repairing a damaged catch basin

Maintenance to a catch basin involves “tuck-pointing” which is the act of spreading cement mortar in between cracks in the croc of the catch basin. This method should be considered a short-term solution.

Repair of a catch basin includes removing the top section where the opening appears. This can include replacing concrete rings, bricks, and/or a portion of the croc. While working to repair this area, new stone is installed surrounding the catch basin.

If the croc has completely failed it should be replaced. Older catch basins are made up of bricks whereas newer catch basin crocs are a poured as one piece of concrete. This prevents the probability of weakened areas developing into the inevitable sinkhole.


Catch basins are a very important fixture to a parking lot. They collect water and direct it away from the surface of the pavement surface. If repairs and/or maintenance is deferred, damaged catch basins can cause dangerous sinkholes that can cause injury or damage to vehicles. The best method to catch basin repair is to replace at least to the area that is cracked and surround the catch basin with concrete.

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