fire hydrant with enclosed trailer for repair
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City Annual Inspection & Repairs is our Specialty.

⟨Our technicians are trained to conduct a complete inspection and precise water flow testing to ensure your fire hydrants are in optimal condition and ready to go.⟩

 ‣ 3’ accessible clearance for fire department

‣ Verify correct above ground hydrant height

‣ Hydrant marker in place

‣ Determine if hydrant needs to be painted

‣ Verify water flow pressure

‣ Check valves for leaks

‣ Secure caps on all outlets

‣ Cap chains in position & operational

‣ All components lubricated & crack free

‣ Hydrant barrel drains properly

‣ Nozzle realignment

‣ Mechanical & pressure testing

Heather Lin
Heather Lin
Hydrant Repair
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Dan, Corey and their team are doing a great job for replacing our water line, very glad for having them to do the work!
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